About IJMB

IJMB is an acronym which stands for Interim Joint Matriculation Board is an Advanced Level (A’level)  9-month programme being supervised, run and moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and IJMB was setup to serve as an alternative method of gaining admission into a tertiary institution in Nigeria into 200 level via Direct Entry form.

NOTE: IJMB CURRENT SESSION Now On For Registration And Admission

IJMB is an acronym which stands for Interim Joint Matriculation Board, it allows successful students to get admissions into 200 level of almost Nigerian universities and candidates can actually study any course of their choice with this interesting programme including but not limited to Medicine, Law, Accounting, Business Administration, Mass comm. Linguistics ETC. You can see the list of Nigerian universities that accept IJMB into 200 level.

IJMB is not for the brilliants students but for the determined heart students who is ready to sacrifice time and energy with his/her books, it is going to be a success all the way. While we do not want to make a jest of the exam, we must say that the exam is not that difficult as being portrayed by many people, is just that the interested candidates need to sit tight to pass the IJMB exam.

As a fact we have produced students with 15 & 16 points and we are sure your will never be an exception, so why don’t you register with us today to get a space in the UNIVERSITY OF YOUR CHOICE IN NIGERIA.

IJMB allows you to choose three courses/subjects that are related to what you want to study at the University of your Choice. The highest point for each course is five (5) points, which is denoted by A. That is, all the three courses will have fifteen (15) points in total, with an addition of one (1) if in the three courses/subjects you don’t have F(fail) which stands for 0 points. Making a total of sixteen points (16) altogether.


A = 5 courses/subjects

B = 4 points

C = 3 points

D = 2  points

E = 1 points

F = 0 points


There is a bonus point for every student. For you to be considered as being passed in IJMB exam you must score a minimum of 5 points in total i,e EDE stands for (1+2+1+ Bonus point) is five (5) points and the highest obtainable point is 16 AAA (15+1).


IJMB is the quickest means to gain admission into 200 Level in the University of your choice and it result does not expire only few people know little about IJMB these days, that’s why you think of IJMB and count yourself lucky for this privilege..

What to benefit from IJMB?

  1. The IJMB result does not expire, unlike your JAMB that is only for a year, IJMB is for life.
  2. You can use it over and over again and for as many admissions as possible depending on your capacity.
  3. Does not stop you from applying for JAMB if you want to kill two birds with a stone
  4. You will have higher CGPA in your university as is going to be divided by 3years, not four years not four years like others who used JAMB.
  5. You have more advantages of being admitted unlike that used JAMB since IJMB students are very fewer in ratio.

How to apply

  1. You may apply and pay online or follow the following steps
  2. The first step is to print the form out at
  3. Then do pay the form fee which is currently #5,000, to the following account number


Account No: 0086952474


  1. Proceed to fill the printed form with CAPITAL LETTERS
  2. Attach your passport to the form
  3. Scan the form you have already filled, and also scan the teller copy you were issued at the bank
  4. Send all the scanned data to info@ijmbform.com
  5. A reply will be sent to your email.

The total fees for the IJMB programme for both tuition and hostel is #166,000 till you write your final examination which is always due by February every year. Click here for the break-down of the fees. This is cheapest you can get bet me!!!

Assessment call may be made at the end to know if you have any question or clarification.

HELP LINES: 08038295398 or 08161999785